I promise it does not involve any of the following

I promise it does not involve any of the following… 

The 1 3 2 4 Betting Strategy 

The 1 3 2 6 Betting Strategy 

The Martingale Gambling System 

The Super Martingale Gambling System 

The Reverse Martingale Gambling System 

The Labouchere Gambling Strategy 

The Reverse Labouchere Gambling Strategy 

The Red or Black Betting System 

The Shotwell Gambling System 

The Fibonacci Numbers Betting Strategy 

The Cross Gambling Strategy 

The D’Alembert Gambling System 

The Contra D’Alembert Gambling System 

The Parlay Betting System 

The Paroli Gambling System 

The Oscars Grind Betting System 

The Counting Cards Gambling Strategies such as 
Zen Count, Wong Halves or True Count 

All of the above you can get online for free anyway! 

It does not require… 

raising or lowering your bet 

complex mathematical formulas. 

marking the cards or cheating.


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